Frequently Asked Questions



Q: Is there an official process to enroll in a certificate program?

A: Students may begin a certificate program simply by enrolling in the appropriate classes. If students wish to declare their educational goals, they can enter the corresponding Program of Study six-digit number on their application.

Q: To earn a certificate, do I need to take classes in a particular sequence?

A: Each certificate differs. Check with the certificate coordinators or a business counselor. Also, the official SRJC Web page on certificates may provide recommended sequence of classes.
Certificate requirements are determined according to the Catalog in effect at the time of initial enrollment. In order to maintain catalog rights, a student must be in continuous enrollment; that is, enrollment in at least one credit course during each successive academic year. For the purpose of catalog rights, the academic year begins each fall and ends with the subsequent summer session. When a break in enrollment occurs, program requirements are determined according to the Catalog in effect when continuous enrollment is resumed.

Q: Is there a time limit to complete a certificate?

A: Although there is not a time limit, the programs are subject to change and a student should check with the certificate coordinator.

Q: Can a student enroll in more than one certificate at a time?

A: Yes.

Q: Will I automatically receive my certificate once I have completed all required courses?

A: No. It is necessary to submit a completed Petition for Certificate form. These forms are available in your student portal.

Q: Why are some of the classes located on the Santa Rosa Campus and others at the Petaluma Campus? Why can't I take all of my classes on one campus?

A: Sometimes there is not sufficient enrollment to offer a course at both the Petaluma and Santa Rosa campuses. As often as possible, the department schedules classes in numerous venues to provide students a choice of instructor, campus, time, and dates.

Q: I have taken courses in another department or at another institution. Can these courses substitute for SRJC classes in a certificate program.

A: Please contact the certificate coordinator who will be able to help make that determination.

Q: How often are the courses offered?

A: Some courses are offered frequently throughout the year. Others are offered once a semester or once a year. Please contact the certificate coordinator who will be able to answer your question. You can find the certificate coordinator at the bottom of the certificate Web pages.

Q: I started working on a certificate program several years ago but stopped taking classes for a few years. Can I still use those classes that I took toward a certificate program?

A: Yes, if classes that you successfully completed are required of the current certificate program. Please contact the certificate coordinator or a counselor who will be able to help make that determination.

Q: Do I need a computer at home to complete courses offered online?

A: A computer at home is not necessary. SRJC has labs with computers, printers, and scanners available for all students to use. If you do have a computer at home, you may use your computer to complete your assignments.

Q: How can you help me find a job?

A: Santa Rosa Junior College has a career developer to help you find a job. Employers call us looking for employees. We have partnerships with the temporary employment agencies in Sonoma and Marin counties.

Q: If I take a class for Pass/No Pass will it count toward a certificate program?

A: It depends on the certificate. Please note the certificate Web pages or the SRJC Catalog, or contact the appropriate coordinator.

Q: I received a grade of "D" in one of the classes required for the certificate. Will this course count toward my certificate?

A: No. All grades must be "C" or better to count toward a certificate.